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2019 Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres

Special Pricing -- Exotic Flowers may be slightly higher.

Prom, Wedding and Formal Corsages and Boutonnieres

2019 Corsage and Boutonniere Trends and Questions

Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres

Winter Formal Corsages and Boutonnieres

Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres

Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres


  • Can you match my dress with a ribbon?   We will certainly try to match your dress with your ribbon but more importantly we will help you match your corsage to your style.  Please feel free to send us a photo of your dress or you can even stop by and we can pick out your ribbon together.
  • How to keep a corsage fresh? You can lightly mist both a corsage and a boutonniere to help keep them hydrated. We suggest doing this several hours before your formal or prom to avoid getting any moisture on your dress or suit jacket. 
  • Can I pick my flowers up the day before? Yes. You can pick your flowers up after 9:30 AM at Love N' Bloom Flower Shop in Huntington Beach. Just keep them in the refrigerator in the produce drawer and they should be just fine.
  • Are succulent corsages heavy? We have worked very to refine a technique that ensure your succulent corsage is well constructed and wonderful.  If succulent corsages and succulent boutonnieres are not made correctly they can be bulky, heavy and have a tendency to break
  • What side do you wear a corsage on? Traditionally both corsages and boutonnieres are worn on the left side.  
  • Can you get an Orchid Corsage and a Rose Corsage all year round?  Yes you can get both an Orchid Corsage and Orchid Boutonniere as well as a Rose Corsage and Rose Boutonniere year round.  However, The Rose Parade in Pasadena can put a strain on the Orchid and Rose supply in California during the Rose Bowl Parade float building season. 
  • Which Direction Should the Flowers Face? If the wrist corsage looks similar from all sides, it does not matter which direction you wear it. However, if the flowers face one way while the stems face the opposite direction, the corsage looks best when you wear it with the flowers facing your fingers and the stems facing your elbow. The reason is that when your arm is at rest in front of you, the flowers would be facing outwards, towards people, and very importantly, the photographer.

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