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Tulips and Orchids

Red Tulips, White Dendrobium Orchids, White Seasonal Flowers and Seasonal Greens.

Red Tulips, White Dendrobium Orchids, White Seasonal Flowers and Seasonal Greens make this a very romantic flower bouquet. 

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Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's Day Flowers delivered.  Pink Roses, Veronica and blooms galore.

Spring Flowers, Succulent Gardens and Roses Delivered Locally by our Flower Shop in Huntington Beach.  Your flowers are always hand delivered with care. 

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Crimson Elegance

Red Garden Roses and Standard Roses, Red Amaryllis, and Burgundy Orchids. Bouquet.

An elegant collection of Red Garden Roses and Standard Roses, Red Amaryllis, and Burgundy Orchids is an outstanding choice for your  flowers. Flowers delivered in Huntington Beach.

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Mother's Day Flowers designed with Tulips, Hydrangea, Roses, and Eucalyptus. Flowers delivered.

Mother's Day Flowers, Succulent Gardens, Plants and Gifts

Check out a few Flower Meanings

  • While these associations have not been kept in the strictest of form, each color and flower can offer a unique meaning for both the sender and the receiver.  

Carnations ~ Signify faith, love, beauty and charity. Carnations top the list of the most common non lux floral arrangement flower.

Roses ~ If your mother is very traditional, roses might be the best option for her. The rose maybe the most-given flower after carnations. 

  • Red roses signify elegance and luxury
  • Pink roses are associated with kindness and caring 
  • Yellow roses are believed to represent a caring nature
  • White roses are associated with purity and brightness

Tulips ~ If your Mom is  light-hearted and easy-going tulips just might be her favorite flower.  Tulips represent comfort, coziness and above all happiness.

  • The yellow tulip symbolizes sunshine days 
  • White symbolize grace 
  • Pink tulips mean affection and caring

Lilies ~ Beloved by many mothers, lilies come in a number of colors and varieties. 

  • White lilies symbolize grace 
  • Pink lilies represent friendship and prosperity
  • The day lily is a Chinese symbol for motherhood.

Daisies ~ If your mom radiates happiness, gerbera daisies are a perfect pick for her bouquet. 

  • Gerbera Daisies symbolize beauty and also represent cheerfulness.

Orchids ~ If you mom embdoies  luxury, beauty and strength the Orchid just may be her favorite flower. 

  • The orchid is also a Chinese symbol for “many children.”

Make an impression with uniquely designed flowers. 

Love N' Bloom Flower Shop in Huntington Beach. 

  • Flowers delivered or feel free to stop in to the Flower Shop on Beach Boulevard We love meeting our customers. 

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Unique and Luxe Valentine's Day Flowers. Flowers delivered or please feel free to come by the Flower Shop and Boutique in Huntington Beach. 

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Mother's Day Flower Delivery. Roses and Lilies.

History of Mother's Day in America

The idea of an official celebration for all mothers in America came in 1872 from Julia Ward Howe, an activist, writer and poet.

She became famous for her Civil War song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and originally proposed that June 2 be  celebrated as Mother’s Day.

The writer worked hard to have Mother’s Day declared as an official holiday, but was not successful in  her quest.

Anna Jarvis is recognised as the woman who invented Mother’s Day in America after she held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia in 1908.

After this, she and her supporters sent letters to those high up in positions of power and asked for an official holiday to honour mothers.

Eventually in 1911, Mother’s Day was celebrated in almost every state and on May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution document that confirmed every second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Flower Photos

Mother's Day Flowers ~ Designer Inspired

Order your Mom something made just for her.  Our clients love when our Team designs something unique and special for their loved ones especially their Mothers. 

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